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Hey there!

I'm Jasmine Ornelas, a Miami-based photographer. I was born in Seattle, WA, and raised on the opposite end of the country in Miami, FL. 

I began photographing at a young age. I distinctly remember in middle school, hanging out with my friend and doing her hair and makeup to take some fantastic photos of her with my point-and-shoot camera. Since then, I have always gravitated towards being behind the camera.

At the age of 16, I took my first college film photography class and fell in love with the environment and the challenges photography brought. 

Photography has challenged me to learn, grow, teach, and push myself into the spaces that I would typically stay away from.

I would say I do a little bit of everything from weddings, content creation, but my absolute favorite is organizing editorial shoots. I love collaborating and seeing a concept come to life. It's become my favorite thing to do with photography!

Currently, I'm back in school as a full-time student at ASU, working towards my bachelor's in Digital Photography. 


Elléments Magazine

August 2018​

Elléments Magazine

January 2019

Salysé Magazine

February 2019

Elegance Magazine

December 2020

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