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Dearest Clary

Dearest Clary is my final project for my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. 


This book of images is a collection of found photographs and elements telling the story of my mom, Clari. Through these images, I wanted to show my mom from my perspective. While working on this book, I was allowed to read old letters, cards, and yearbook notes that gave me some insight into my mom before she was my mom. Having access to these items quickly shifted my perspective on my mom. As my mom, I know only a portion of what she's been through, but the opportunity to create this book helped me understand who she was before she was a mother.


The book explores many different themes, such as choice, abuse, and family, but I honestly just wanted to show my mom as she is despite all these themes that make up her life. Through the hardships and decisions we face, they bring us to where we are today. Despite how we feel about those events and emotions, we persevere.

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