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24 -Hour Media Diary

8 AM: Texts → Email → Instagram → Twitter → TikTok

The first thing I did when I woke up is to check my phone notifications. I first checked my email and then browsed Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok as I got up, used the restroom, and brushed my teeth.

8:15 AM: Canvas

I sat at my desk and logged into Canvas to check on my assignments for the week. I used this time to update my planner with assignments or To Dos for the week.

8:55 AM - 9:25 AM: YouTube

While walking on the treadmill, I played a video to help the time go by faster.

9:30 AM - 10 AM: YouTube

While eating my breakfast, I continued watching videos on YouTube.

10:30 AM: YouTube

I had some downtime before therapy, so I finished watching a YouTube video I started during breakfast.

11 AM: Video Call

I met with my therapist virtually. I logged into the video call via Cerebral.

12:30 - 2:30 PM: Canvas

I began working on school work. One of the biggest tasks for the day was finding a photobook for one of my assignments. I browsed Amazon, Dashwood Books, Photoeye, and Books&Books to see what option I had.

2 PM - 3 PM: YouTube

During lunch, I continued watching YouTube videos. I have been obsessively binging interior design videos by Alexandra Gater.

3 PM - 5 PM: Canvas

I continued schoolwork. In a continued effort to look for a photobook, I emailed my professor to inquire if the Fred Herzog: Modern Color book I own met the requirement for the assignment. I then completed my first test for my Digital Media Literacy course. For this test, I used the NAMLE Core Principles and Key Questions.

5PM: YouTube with Instagram → Twitter → TikTok

During my downtime, I browsed social media while having a YouTube video playing in the background. This showed me how dependent on constant entertainment I am.

6 PM - 7 PM: Work → Slack → Email

I signed up for an extra shift at work, so I clocked into my work computer. During this hour, I checked my work email and use Slack to communicate with my team.

7PM: YouTube with Instagram → Twitter → TikTok

Dinner consisted of continuing to watch YouTube videos obsessively. I also browsed Instagram and posted a photo to my Instagram stories.

7:50 PM - 11 PM: Work → Slack → Email

I clocked into work again, read through Slack for any important information and checked my email. During work, I occasionally browsed social media.

11:15 PM -12:30 AM: Book Lovers

Before bed I spent some time reading to help unwind.

Although I already knew how much media I use, thank you, weekly Screen Time notifications. This assignment helped me recognize a pattern in the media I consume. I mainly consume what I would consider light media. This is most likely because certain media can induce anxiety in me. I also consume specific media obsessively. I know that if there were a television show or book, all the time I spent watching YouTube videos would have been replaced with these other forms of media.

Keeping track of my media usage for the day helped me to take a step back and realize that although not all forms of media are harmful, I could benefit from controlling how much time I spend on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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