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24 Hour Media Journal & A Look Into Data Privacy

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

As I track my data usage for the day, I will also look deeper into the data I provide to each platform I visit.

7:30 AM: Email → Instagram

The first thing I did when I woke up was check my email app and Instagram. I've been receiving a lot of spam lately, and I know this is likely because I use a specific email to sign up for accounts and discounts.

8:12 AM: Marco Polo

While eating breakfast, I received a notification for a video message sent by my friend through Marco Polo. After I watched the message, I replied with a video. Doing this, put a video with possibly personal information on a platform, depending on what I share. Aside from the information shared, I have provided my appearance and voice to the app. The privacy settings on the app claim to not sell my personal data, but I did not have the "Restrict People from Saving Polos I've Sent Them" enabled.

8:28 AM: Google

I looked into the new Covid-19 vaccine. Google asked if I would like to share my location. I selected no because it was not necessary for the information I was searching. I chose this Wall Street Journal article to read with the different search outcomes. This search likely created targeted ads for more Covid-19 related news.

8:35 AM: Slack

I used Slack to respond to discussion posts in my photography course. Looking at the Slack settings, I did not have any privacy settings, and anyone could share my information and contact.

8:52 AM: Workday → Slack → Kustomer

These are the platforms I use for work. Since I use a completely different computer for work with protection installed by the company, I'm not as concerned with the information that may be shared. I also strictly use this computer for work.

10:30 AM: Google

While having a conversation with my significant other, we began talking about Labor Day, so I googled "What is Labor Day?"

10:40 AM: FIU Website

FIU is a local university where I visit their gym a few times weekly. I went to their website to purchase a gym pass for the day. For this process, I had to previously make an account. Each time I do this, I have to log into my account with my email and password and input my billing information to purchase the pass. Before confirming my purchase, I must accept a waiver and the gym procedures.

10:50 AM: Spotify

During my workout, I listened to Renaissance by Beyonce on Spotify. I didn't have to search for the album since this was already recommended due to listening frequently. My interests are saved on the Spotify's homepage with recommendations for playlists based on previous listens and playlists created for me specifically.

11:47 AM: Instagram

During a break between my workouts, I went on Instagram. While looking through stories, I saw an ad for an eyebrow lamination kit. This is something I perviously searched for on Amazon, so it was a targeted ad based on my previous searches.

12 PM: Nike App

While waiting for my lunch, I browsed for workout clothes on the Nike app. When I checked the privacy settings, I had it enabled to get personalized ads based on my behavioral data and profile matching.

2:20 PM: Twitter

I got sucked into scrolling Twitter for updates on the Venice Film Festival, specifically, all the drama surrounding Don't Worry Darling. I am a huge Harry Styles fan, so I love the different memes. I have my Twitter account set to private, but I noticed that I allowed DMs from anyone despite having my account set to private.

3:06 PM: Weather App

I stepped outside to head to Lowe's and checked the weather app. I live in Miami, FL, so it's hot and humid, especially these past few months. The weather app automatically knows my location to provide the weather more accurately. This is not something I had previously thought was normal and necessary.

4:07 PM: Netflix → Google

A Monday tradition for me is relaxing and catching up on whatever shows my partner and I recommend to each other. I recommended Never Have I Ever, so we began watching season 3 on Netflix. While watching tv, I was searching online for biodegradable face towels. I expect that this search will come up again in a targeted ad.

6 PM: YouTube

I've been recently watching Chris Klemens and Brittany Broski's videos. These two videos were on my recommended page, so I didn't have to search for them. Based on previous videos, YouTube has information on my interests regarding the videos I watch and even how long I engage with a video. Since my YouTube video is connected to my Google account, my searches can impact what videos I am recommended.

6:25 PM: Kindle

I've been reading a new book called The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo on my Kindle. Since this is an ebook I checked out from the library, I had to connect my Amazon account to the Libby account. My Kindle was already connected to my Amazon account. Looking at the privacy setting on the Kindle, it is set to market customized offers.


My media usage is mainly scrolling content. I have noticed I do not necessarily actively participate in liking or commenting on content. Although, I can't say the same about sharing content with friends. I have never put much thought into my online protection aside from setting my accounts to private, and even then, this is something that I've recently started doing. I believe I've been using media irresponsibly. This hasn't been a topic I've looked into or researched, which is very concerning, considering I've been online for years. Breaking down the media I interact with daily and what data I provide has opened my eyes to the security I need to begin to look into. Honestly, it can seem like a pest to have to do this, but that's because it's something I'm not used to doing.

I have willingly provided Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other sites with so much personal data for so long. I've tried to set up privacy for my accounts but have not gone to the lengths necessary to ensure better protection or even look into the privacy policy of the sites I'm using. I constantly see targeted ads and fall for them by clicking on the link, which adds to the cycle of me providing more personal data. As I learn more, I plan to implement more protection on my computer and phone and be more restrictive with the information I share online.

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